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sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are not botanically related to potatoes, but are members of the morning glory family. Potatoes are tubers, which are underground stems whereas sweet potatoes are actually the root of the plant! They come in a variety of types and colors.

Why is it good for my body? Sweet potatoes are a nutritional powerhouse. They are filled with vitamins A, B6, C, D, iron, magnesium, and fiber, making this a food that everyone should have in their home. Sweet potatoes have anti-inflamatory properties, anti-cancer benefits, boost the immune system, and provide benefits for arthritis and stomach ulcers.
Where does it come from? Sweet potatoes, like other potatoes, are native to the Americas. They have been part of human diets for 10,000 years. They were not cultivated in Europe until the return of Columbus and have since spread globally, becoming one of the world's most important crops.
How do I store and handle it? Sweet potatoes are a tropical plant so refrigerating them can damage their core. Store at room temperature in a dry palce.
What are ways to eat it? When cooked, sweet potatoes become sweeter as the heating breaks down some of their starch into natural sugars. Sweet potatoes are extremely versatile and can be eaten alone, baked, mashed, or roasted. They are also a perfect ingredient to add to soups, stews, chili, and casseroles.
How do I introduce it to first-time tasters? Babies love sweet potatoes as a first food puree.

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