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swiss chard

Chard is a subspecies of beet that has been cultivated since antiquity for its tasty leaves and crispy stalks.

Why is it good for my body? Chard is packed with vitamin K, and important nutrient that is said to aid in the role of blood clotting, and is important in the building of strong bones.
Where does it come from? In the French region of Provence, it's popular sautéed with pine nuts and raisins. In Moroccan cuisine, its often added to tagine, atraditional spiced stew.
What season is it fresh? Like other greens, Swiss Chard prefers cool weather and is available fresh during spring and fall.
How do I store and handle it? Chard should be stored in a sealable platic bag in the refrigerator, where its leaves will stay tender and its stalks will stay crisp for about a week
What are ways to eat it? Take a look at our Freteeni Fritatas recipe! It's a brunch hit!

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swiss chard in meal-o-matic