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Grapes are fruits, berries, grown in clusters on the woody vines of the plant genus Vitis. They come in a variety of colors and have a variety of types: table, wine, and those used for juices, jams, and jellies.

Why is it good for my body? Grapes have powerful antioxidant properties and are known to help the heart, blood pressure, stress, and weight maintenanace. They are an excellent source of vitamin K which is essential for bone health.
Where does it come from? Grapes for wine making, are believed to have been grown over 8,000 years ago. Many ancient cultures - Armenian, Greek, Roman and others - grew grapes for eating and wine making. In North America, native people used grapes growing wild across the continent. Grapes are now cultivated in many regions all around the world.
How do I store and handle it? Once you bring your grapes home from the store, check for any signs of deterioration and remove those grapes as they will cause others around to mold. Keep them cold, refrigerated, and unwashed. Wash before using to help them last longer. Grapes can also be a great frozen treat for snacking or to use in smoothies.
What are ways to eat it? Grapes are a wonderful stand-alone snack. Be sure to cut them in half, lengthwise, for young children as whole grapes are a choking hazard. Try using a variety of grapes in our Rainbow Fruit Salad or green grapes in Doctor Yum's favorite Green Dragon Smoothie!
How do I introduce it to first-time tasters? Be sure to cut grapes in half, lengthwise, or even in quarters for young tasters!

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