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Apples are a member of the rose family and these crisp, floral fruits have been prized since antiquity.

Why is it good for my body? The saying goes "an apple a day keeps the doctor way" for good reason! Apples, including the peel, have anti-cancer properties; boost immunity; prevent cancer; help skin, hair, and teeth; aid in weight loss; and avert asthma and diabetes.
Where does it come from? Apples originated in the Europe and Asia and have been grown there for centuries. Apples were introduced to North America in the Colonial Period and since then, farmers and botanists in the US have cultivated over 2,500 different varieties!
What season is it fresh? Many different types of apples are widely available in grocery stores year round, but apples are typically harvested in the fall.
How do I store and handle it? Apples benefit from being stored in the refrigerator. Store in a breathable bag and and handle carefully to avoid bruising. Contact with bruises on other apples will cause them to brown faster.
What are ways to eat it? Apples are a great stand-alone snack. They are portable and easy to eat anywhere. Check out Doctor Yum's Raw Apple Bliss for an amazing dessert made with raw apples. Apples are easy to cook into a simple homemade applesauce. They can also add a sweetness to savory dishes, as in Doctor Yum's Pork and Apple Curry.
How do I introduce it to first-time tasters? Apples are a perfect first food. To make a simple applesauce, just peel and chop apples. Slowly cook them down on the stovetop with a bit of water and a little cinnamon. Mash and cool.

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