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A Pediatrician’s Ten Tips for Packing a Nutritious Lunch Apple Berry Crumble Apple Butter in the Crockpot Asian Chicken Noodle Soup Avocado and Black Bean Salsa Avocado Macaroni and Cheese Baked Stuffed Apples Banana-Berry Baked Oatmeal Cups Barbecue Kale Chips Bean Burgers Bean Burritos Bean Lasagna Beef and Watermelon Stir Fry Beet, Carrot, and Arugula Salad Blackberry Breakfast Muffins Blueberry Banana Smoothie Blueberry Cookie Bites Blueberry Muffins Braised Herb Chicken Thighs with Veggies Breakfast Pitfalls and Solutions Broc and Cara Treats Brown Sugar Baked Spicy Salmon Brunswick Stew Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese Butternut Squash with Cranberries Cabbage Soup Showdown Canning Homemade Salsa Carrot Cake Cookie Bites Carrot Energy Bites Cauliflower Gratin Cauliflower Stuffing Cauliflower Tots Chicken and Vegetable Meatballs Chicken Curry Chickpea Curry Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread Chocolate Hazelnut Bites Chocolate Zucchini Cake Colorful Turkey Chili Cornmeal Dusted Okra and Potatoes Cranberry Tea Bread Creamy Chicken Salad Crockpot Chicken Marbella Crêpes Crunchy Apple Sandwiches Curry Pumpkin Seafood Soup Dinosaur Kale Salad Edamame Hummus Eggplant and Tomato Salad Escarole and Orzo Soup with Turkey Parmesan Meatballs Everyday Caesar Dressing Farmers Market Bread Salad Fin-tastic Fish Sticks Five Tips for Feeding Snacks to Kids Fresh Black Bean Dip Fresh Cranberry Salsa Friteeni Frittatas Getting Started Feeding and Making Baby Food Gingerbread Bites Gingerbread Cupcakes Gnocchi with Butternut Squash and Kale Greek Burger with Cucumber Dressing Green Dragon Smoothie Green Dragon Stew Green Hummus Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burger Grilled Shrimp Kabobs with Pineapple and Cherry Tomato Healthy Pesto Heart Healthy Roasted Veggies Island Coconut Chicken and Rice Italian Lemon Loaf Kale and Brussels Sprouts Saute Kale and Matchstick Carrots Kiwi Strawberry Pizza Lemon Basil Summer Hummus Lemony White Bean Hummus Lentils with Spinach over Rice Lily's Chocolate Cake Magic Banana Cookies Mango Strawberry Yogurt Cake Marvelous Mango Salsa Mashed Potatoes and More Mashed Potatoes with Secret Cauliflower Melon Salsa Mixed Veggies with Brown Rice or Quinoa Moroccan-Style Turkey and Chickpeas Nimo's Chicken and Butternut Squash Stew Oatmeal Breakfast Cakes Overnight Soaked Oatmeal Pad Thai Pancakes Pasta with Asparagus, Peas, and Spring Onions PB&J Bites Peach Jam Pineapple Power Salad Plum Salsa Post-Game Snacks for Young Athletes Power Grilled Cheese Pumpkin Apple Flax Muffins Pumpkin Breakfast Muffins Pumpkin Cornbread Pumpkin Energy Bites Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Purple People Eater Salad Quick Black Beans Quick "No Can" Tomato Soup Quick Saag Paneer Rainbow Fruit Salad Rainbow Smoothie Rainbow Veggie Pinwheels Ratatouille Raw Apple Bliss Red Beans and Rice Roasted Beet Hummus Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Carrots with Maple Glaze Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Roasted Vegetables with Quinoa Salad Lab Shakshuka Shipwreck Salmon with Citrus Glaze Sloppy Joe Sliders Slow Cooker Pork and Apple Curry Sore Throat Sipper Southwest Salad Spicy Veggie Chili Spinach Gnudi Spinach Quiche Squash and Chickpea Stew with Greens Steel Cut Oatmeal with Apples Stir-Fried Pork with Shiitake Mushrooms and Snow Peas Strawberry Salsa with Cinnamon Chips Succulent Herbed Chicken Kabobs Sugar Plums Summer Garden Soup Super Egg Scramble Sweet Potato and Black Bean Bake Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup Sweet Potato Casserole Sweet Potato Chili Sweet Potato Muffins Taco Soup Tangy Broccoli Salad Ten Ideas for Finger Foods for Babies and Toddlers Tofu and Tomato Curry Tofu Veggie Scramble Tomato Lollies Turkey-Veggie Burgers Turkey Zucchini Enchiladas Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers Vegetarian Summer Gumbo Veggie Lentil Dal Veggie Tempeh Stir Fry over Udon Noodles Veggitos Very Veggie Turkey Meatloaf Warm Potato Salad Watermelon Berry Salad with Goat Cheese and Mint Watermelon Whole Fruit Popsicles Witch's Brew Veggie Stew Yuca and Sweet Potato Soup Yummy Morning Muffins Yummy Summer Rolls Zoodles

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aged white cheddar all-purpose flour almond butter almond meal almond milk almonds anchovies andouille sausage apple cider vinegar apple juice apples applesauce arrowroot powder Artichoke hearts arugula asparagus avocado avocados baby bok choy baby corn baby peas baby spinach bacon baking powder baking soda balsamic vinegar Bamboo shoots bananas barley basil bay leaves bean sprouts bean thread noodles beans beef beef broth beets bell pepers bell peppers berries black bean dip black pepper blackberries blanched almond flour block cheddar cheese blueberries bok choy braggs aminos Braggs amninos bread crumbs breadcrumbs broccoli broccoli florets broth broth (vegetable) brown mustard brown rice brown sugar brussel sprouts brussels sprouts BURGER INGREDIENTS butter butter leaf lettuce butter lettuce buttermilk butternut squash cabbage cabbage (purple) cacao powder Cajun seasoning can black beans can coconut milk can corn canned black beans canned chickpeas canned coconut milk canned corn canned pumpkin cannellini beans canola oil cantaloupe capers carrots cashews cauliflower cauliflower florets cayenne pepper celery cereal cheddar cheese cheddar-jack cheese cheese cherries cherry tomatoes chia seeds chick peas chicken chicken bouillon chicken breast chicken breasts chicken broth chicken thighs chickpeas chili powder Chinese 5-spice Chinese cabbage chipotle peppers chipotle peppers in adobo sauce chives chocolate chips chopped baby bok choy chopped cauliflower chopped cilantro chopped flat-leaf parsley chopped fresh parsley chopped fresh rosemary chopped fresh sage chopped kale chopped onion chopped pineapple chopped yellow squash chopped zucchini chutney cilantro cinnamon cinnamon stick cloves cocoa powder cocoa powder (unsweetened) coconut milk coconut milk yogurt coconut oil Colby jack cheese colored bell peppers confectioner's sugar cooked brown rice cooked elbow macaroni cooked quinoa cooked red beans coriander coriander powder corn corn tortillas cornmeal cornstarch Couscous cranberry cream cheese cremini mushrooms croutons crumbled feta cheese crushed red pepper crushed red pepper flakes crushed tomatoes cucumber cucumbers culinary coconut milk cumin cumin powder cumin seeds currants curry leaves curry paste curry powder dark chocolate chips date dates diced cantaloupe diced carrots diced mushrooms diced red onion diced sweet onion diced tomatoes diced tomatoes with green chiles dijon mustard dill dipping sauce dried apricots dried basil dried cherries dried cranberries dried currants dried fruit dried or fresh herbs dried oregano dried parsley dried thyme dry brown rice dry couscous dry quinoa dry red wine dry udon noodles Edamame egg yolks eggplant eggs elbow macaroni enchilada sauce endive escarole farro feta cheese finely diced mushrooms fire roasted diced tomatoes fire roasted, diced tomates fish fish sauce fish stock flax meal flaxmeal flour flour tortillas French bread fresh basil leaves fresh berries fresh blueberries fresh cilantro fresh cranberries fresh lemon juice fresh mozzarella or other mild cheese fresh parsley fresh rosemary fresh spinach frosting (optional) frozen baby lima beans Frozen corn frozen spinach fruit jam or preserves fruit preserves garlic garlic cloves garlic powder garlic salt ginger glaze Gluten free pasta gnocchi goat cheese golden raisins graham cracker Granny Smith apples grapefruit grapes grapeseed oil grated carrots grated cheddar cheese grated parmesan cheese greek yogurt green beans green chile green chiles green curry paste green grapes green leaf lettuce green onion green onions green peas green/string beans ground allspice ground beef ground chicken ground cinnamon ground cloves ground coriander ground cumin ground flax ground lamb ground mustard ground nutmeg ground turkey ground turmeric guacamole hazelnuts healthy oil hemp seeds herbs hoisin sauce honey hot sauce hummus ice ice cubes iceberg lettuce Iceburg lettuce jalapeño peppers jarred salsa jasmine rice jicama juice of half a lemon kale Kale (curly) kale (Tuscan) kefir lime leaves ketchup kidney beans kiwi kiwis kosher salt Lamb large carrots large grape tomatoes leafy greens lean ground chicken lean ground turkey leeks lemon lemon juice Lemon oil Lemon oil dressing lemon rind lemon zest lemongrass lentils lentils (red) lettuce light brown sugar lime lime juice limes Linguini Lomein Noodles long brown rice Low sodium taco seasoning macadamia nuts mangos maple syrup marinara sauce mayonnaise medium zucchini melons melted coconut oil milk minced chipotle peppers in adobo sauce Mini Potatoes mini semi-sweet chocolate chips mint mixed cherry tomatoes molasses Mozzarella cheese mushrooms mustard seed nectarines nutmeg nutritional yeast oats oats (steel cut) oil okra olive oil olives onion powder onions OPTIONAL MIX-INS optional toppings orange orange juice orange juice concentrate orange zest oranges oregano orzo oyster sauce packed dates PANCAKE MIX PANCAKES paneer panko bread crumbs paprika parmesan cheese parsley parsnips pasta Pasta of choice peach peaches peanut butter peanut oil Peanut Sauce peanuts pears peas pecans pectin (low sugar) peeled and diced carrots peeled and diced sweet potatoes pepper pepper flakes peppers pesto Pesto olive oil Pesto olive oil dressing pico de gallo pie crust pine nuts pineallpes pineapple pineapples pita bread pitted dates plums pomegranate pork pork tenderloin Port portobello mushrooms potatoes prepared pancake mix prunes pumpkin pumpkin pie spice pumpkin purée pumpkin seeds pumpkin seeds (raw - pepitas) pure maple syrup purple basil purple cabbage Purple grapes purple onion quick oats quinoa radish raisins raisins (golden) Ramen Noodles raspberries raw cashews raw honey red beans red bell pepper red cabbage red chili powder red curry paste red grapes red leaf lettuce red onion red pepper red pepper flakes red potato red wine vinegar reduced sodium taco seasoning reduced-sodium soy sauce rice cracker crumbs rice noodles rice paper wrappers rice wine vinegar ricotta cheese ripe banana ripe bananas roasted red bell peppers roasted vegetables rolled oats Roma tomato romaine romaine lettuce rosemary rotisserie chicken sage Salmon salmon fillets salsa salt salt & pepper salt and pepper sambals sausage scallions sea salt seitan sesame oil sesame seeds shallots sharp cheddar shiitake mushrooms short or sushi rice shredded coconut shredded Mexican cheese blend shrimp silken tofu sirloin strip steak sliced green onions sliced mild cheese slider buns, whole wheat slivered almonds snap peas snow peas Snowpeas Soba Noodles soft crumbled goat cheese sour cream soy sauce Soy Sesame Sauce soy tempeh Spaghetti Spaghetti squash spice mix spices spinach Spiralized Zucchini spring onions sprouts squash squash (yellow) sriracha steak steel cut oatmeal steel cut oats strawberries string beans sugar sugar snap peas Summer squash Sundried tomatoes Sunflower Butter sunflower seed butter sunflower seeds superfine sugar sweet onion sweet paprika sweet potatoes swiss chard tahini tempeh Thai basil Thawed Edamame thyme thyme (fresh) tofu tomato paste tomato puree tomato sauce tomatoes tomatoes (fire roasted) topping TOPPING INGREDIENTS tortilla chips tortilla wrap tortillas tortillas (whole grain) tumeric Turkey turkey, lean ground turmeric turnip turnips Tuscan kale tzatziki udon noodles unsalted sunflower seeds unsweetened almond milk unsweetened applesauce unsweetened cocoa powder unsweetened soy milk vanilla vanilla extract vegan butter vegetable broth vegetable oil vegetarian sausage vegetarian sausage links VEGGIE CHOICES veggies choices vine ripened tomatoes walnuts water water chestnuts watercress watermelon wheat germ White beans white potatoes white whole wheat flour white wine whole dates whole grain bread whole grain cereal whole wheat elbow macaroni whole wheat pastry flour whole wheat tortilla wrap wild rice worcestershire sauce XO sauce yellow bell pepper yellow mustard yellow squash yogurt YOGURT DRESSING INGREDIENTS yuca root zest of half a lemon zucchini